About us


We have been operating since 1987, when Roman Kubala, the chairman of Kubala, produced the first manual construction tools under the Kubala brand.


We are a family company, the winner of the Forbes Most Valuable Family Companies ranking for those who increase their value and at the same time "do it in an honest and transparent manner".


We design manual construction tools with the comfort, safety, and convenience of the Contractors in mind. We are the authors of 3 inventions, 2 trademarks, 10 industrial designs, 13 utility models and 46 Community designs.


We manufacture tools in Ustroń in an assortment of over 700 products and deliver them to Contractors in Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Community designs
Utility models

We introduce the best available technical and technological solutions by investing in educating our employees, modern machinery and improving the quality control system of our products.


We know how valuable the Contractors’ time is and how important the quality of their work is. The result of these elements is economic success, which gives the Contractor the basis for a peaceful and happy life. That is why, in our tools, we use the best solutions and materials that guarantee quality, durability, ergonomics and work precision.


We focus on the needs of the Contractors, which is why we test tools together with them before introducing them for sale. We make sure that the Contractors receive tools that meet the rapid changes in finishing technology and construction chemicals as well as the high expectations of investors.


We meet the Contractors in person during workshops, presentations and tests organized by our traders and instructors. Our company's sales department consists of real people, happy to answer any Contractors' questions in person, by phone and e-mail.









We communicate with contractors in the virtual space through the website and social media. We use our own sales platforms, distributors, and commercial network to save the Contractor's time as much as possible.


We dare to use the Contractors' knowledge and experience. We respect their opinions and take their views into account. We are constantly in dialogue with Contractors during workshops as part of our original Kubala MasterClass project, where we all exchange knowledge and experience.


We achieve success because we work diligently every day to earn and enjoy the trust of our Contractors.

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