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The Kubala Company has enjoyed a long tradition, as equally long-lasting as the recognition of our brand on the market. We have been conducting activity since 1987. We started from the production of merely several groups of tools, to eventually, over a few decades, expand our offer to several hundred types.


Thanks to the strict quality control and implementation of innovative solutions, Roman Kubala the founder of our Company, has created a strong brand, he currently develops with the next generation. Vision, work and passion have enabled Kubala to become a traditional family company enjoying recognition and the top position as the industry leader.


The quality and respect for work, tradition and brand, innovation and progress along with a leading position among manufacturers of hand building tools on the domestic and international market carries its principles. It is an obligation.

Industrial designs
Utility models

The wide range of Kubala products covers over 600 different types of hand building tools from almost every category. The modern machine park, effective quality control system, only the best materials including Rost Frei acid-resistant stainless steel, production efficiency and focus on innovation and progress, combined all together allow us to dynamically react to the specialized requirements of our clients and market needs.


The prestige of the Kubala brand enjoys trust. For many years we have been recognized as the symbol of high quality and professionalism. We cooperate with domestic as well as international distribution networks and companies and operate on a large scale across not only Poland but also in the entire world. Our group of valuable clients also includes smaller tool shops as well as contractor companies.


Being among the industry leaders is a challenge. For years, we have been undertaking this challenge with unchanging satisfaction, and always with success. We are professionals and with that comes great knowledge of the market. We are always up-to-date.


We are professionals and with that comes great knowledge of the market. We are always up-to-date. Thanks to constant analysis of the building industry trends on the world’s markets, Kubala tools are tailored to the specifics and requirements of a given country.


Currently, we cooperate with clients from Europe, Africa, North America and Australia, and we are also present on Asian markets. The prestige of Kubala brand is very recognizable. We continually aim to be even better.



Kubala is the natural choice. Trust. Partnership. Success in business!


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