Construction tools

Produkte Kubala

Stainless steel trowel, LARGE FORMAT

130x355 mm, notch 12x16 mm
Index: 0258
FSC: Nein
Rost FREI: Ja
  • Tool for spreading adhesive mortars.
  • The special shape, rounded inner and outer corners ensure that the previously applied insulation coating is not damaged.
  • The height and shape of the tooth allow for a single layer of adhesive to be applied to the working surface, as well as a thin reinforcing layer on the tile (combined method used in tiling).
  • Ergonomic and profiled 2K soft handle. 
  • Foot made by polyamide with fiberglass. Stainless, acid-resistant steel, thickness 1 mm. 


The tool was created in cooperation with Stowarzyszenie Branży Wykończeniowej - an industry association established to improve the professional Qualifications of Contractors. 


Information sheet to download